Firm Membership

Firm Membership allows you to apply and pay for several individual members in your Firm in one financial transaction, regardless of their office location. You will then benefit from the reduced rate for that higher member band. Each person is an individual member of the CLSA, but the firm membership subscription for all members of that firm is renewed annually in one transaction. If the subscription is not renewed, then all individual memberships lapse. If you have several office locations but would like to pay for each location separately, you need to apply separately for the number of members in each office location.

Member band required

There are 4 price bands and the price per member reduces as the number of members you are applying for increases: 2-5 members, 6-9 members, 10-20 members or 20+ members. You will pay only for the number of members you require in that band. For example, if you are applying for 4 members, use the 2-5 members band and set the ‘Number of seats’ box below to 4. You will be charged for 4 members at the rate for the 2-5 member price band. Once approved, you will then have the ability to invite 3 other members of your firm to complete their membership details to fill those ‘seats’.   Costs from 1 October 2023:
  • 2 to 5 members – £80 per member – reduced to £40
  • 6 to 9 members – £50 per member – reduced to £30
  • 10 to 20 members – £45 per member – reduced to £25
  • 20 + members – £35 per member – reduced to £20

Firm Name

Please enter the full name of the Firm. The Firm Name field is unique so, if you are making several applications for different office locations, you should append the location to the end of the Firm Name so that they can be distinguished from each other. For example, ABC Solicitors – Manchester, ABC Solicitors – Leeds.

Number of seats

This is the number of members you are applying for. Each member band has a minimum and maximum number of seats – you can only set the number of seats within these parameters.

Apply to join or renew membership

When you click the button to proceed, you will then need to complete the Billing Details and Member Details. Every Firm Membership application starts with a ‘Team Owner’. The Member Details should be the Lead Solicitor in the Firm who becomes the Team Owner. The Team Owner can apply and pay for Firm Membership for all members. Once you have completed your application, as a Team Owner, you can send invitations to the other members in your Firm for them to complete and update their own details online. You can also allocate administration to another member as ‘Team Manager’ who can manage this too. Team Owners and Team Managers can add and remove members in their Firm themselves, within the quantity purchased. If, in future, you require to increase/decrease members outside your original member bands, then you need to contact the CLSA Administrator.

From: £35.00 / year and a £20.00 Initial 1st Year Payment per member

A special discount is being offered for new members joining or existing members renewing. Membership is being discounted up to 1 October 2024.


Number of Seats: