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The Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association is the only organisation entirely committed to professionals working in the field of criminal law in England and Wales. We need you to join us so that we can represent your interests and speak on behalf of criminal law practitioners.

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CLSA Open Meeting – Friday 15th July 2022

The Bar strike action is now in its third week, and absent any change of heart on behalf of either the government or the CBA, it may last for some time. Meanwhile the Government have brought forward proposals based upon its response to the CLAR report. The...

Legal Aid dispute – CLSA Guide

As the dispute between barristers, solicitors and government over its failure to put Legal Aid and the Criminal Justice System in a sustainable footing continues and is escalated, clients and solicitors are being placed in a invidious position. Recent announcements by...

The Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association represents criminal law solicitors throughout England and Wales.

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CLSA membership brings with it support for the only organisation exclusively fighting for better terms for criminal solicitors throughout England and Wales. We respond to all important legislative proposals impacting on criminal law and have representatives on many important consultative bodies. We have been representing our members now for 30 years. We regularly engage directly with the MOJ on issues impacting on criminal law. We have a vibrant email group and facebook page where you can get support from fellow professionals and a lively and informative annual conference.

Applications for full membership are welcome from criminal law solicitors. Associate membership is for all those, including police station Legal Executives, Accredited Representatives and paralegals, working in criminal law firms and who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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