Aims & Objectives

The Criminal Law Solicitors Association was formed in 1990 with the stated intention of being a representative body for criminal law solicitors across England and Wales. It was formed to complement our sister organisation, the LCCSA. The organisation grew rapidly and has achieved its highest public profile during contract disputes, including the recent Two Tier debacle.

Membership of the Association is open to any solicitor – prosecution or defence – and to court clerks, qualified or trainee – involved with, or interested in, the practice of criminal law.

CLSA Objectives

The objectives of the Association are :

  • to encourage and maintain the highest standards of advocacy and practice in the Criminal Courts in England and Wales
  • to participate in discussions on developments in the criminal process
  • to represent and further the interests of the Members on any matters which may affect solicitors who practice in Criminal Courts
  • to improve, develop and maintain the education and knowledge of those actively concerned in the practice of Criminal Law in those Courts and those who are in the course of their training.

What we do for members

The CLSA responds to every significant consultation paper affecting Criminal Lawyers and has influence upon many important committees and Government bodies. Evidence has been given on behalf of the CLSA to a Parliamentary Select Committee enquiring into Criminal Legal Aid.

Representing your interests involves:

  • Consulting with the Legal Services Commission, Law Society, Government, Courts, and Police on any matter where you might be affected.
  • Lobbying politicians and media by attending the meetings, conferences and functions where they will listen – that you could not find the time to attend.
  • Supplying the latest developments in legislation and professional development to keep you advised of regional and national issues that affect you.
  • An authoritative body of opinion from the real world of criminal practice. We are the only national body representing solely the interests of criminal solicitors in England & Wales.

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