NPoCC PPE Guidance

28 May 2021

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Here is the latest PPE guidance document for police station and police custody attendance. This has been shared with you as a key partner who attends police stations. The documents is a PowerPoint based presentation where on screen buttons are used to navigate to the specific guidance you wish to see.

This document shows the PPE which will be provided free of charge to any visitor to police custody. Please share this within your organisations so colleagues are aware of what to expect.

This guidance is subject to further review in light of the potential next step in the Government’s easing of lockdown restrictions. However the changes to the custody environment are not expected to be significant and will likely continue in some form past step 4 of the Government’s roadmap (potentially without the use of aprons, for example). I will keep you updated with developments.

The document has been designed to be accessible as possible. The only issue we have heard is in regard to some Windows 7 users, so please try another machine or operating system if accessing to document on Windows 7 is an issue for you.

Jonathan Bradshaw

Staff Officer to DCC Nev Kemp QPM and NPCC Custody