Law Society and CLSA win on all points at interim JR hearing

29 November 2023

On 28th November the High Court held an interim hearing of the JR brought by the Law Society, with the CLSA as an interested party, against the failure to implement the Bellamy recommendations in full.

At the hearing the Judge made it clear that he wanted to keep the hearing timetable on track for December and made the following orders:

1. the Law Society is allowed to amend its claim to include the new grounds it wants to argue

2. the MOJ’s application to have some of the law society’s evidence ruled inadmissible has been refused

3. the Law Society’s applications for further disclosure has been granted

The CLSA will continue to assist the Law Society with this JR in any way it can and considers the failure by the Government to implement the full 15% increase in defence fees as recommended by Lord Bellamy in November 2021 as irrational and unlawful.