LAA webinars on accelerated measures – please claim your fees

20 September 2021

The LAA is concerned that only around 45% of advocates and around 42% of litigators are claiming the fixed fee for considering unused material (for 0-3 hours work) in eligible cases, despite the fact that claiming this fee involves only 3 clicks on CCCD, and there being no requirement for any additional supporting information.

The LAA training website now has a recording of a litigation webinar explaining how the criminal legal aid reforms made in 2020 (the CLAR accelerated measures) affect litigators, along with the supporting slides: Details here

There are also a few spaces on the accelerated measures – advocacy work – webinar next week.

The recording of the webinar explaining how the reforms affect advocates will similarly be uploaded to the training website in due course. This webinar is due to take place on 21 September.