Nascent Visual Biometrics in Police Intelligence and Criminal Evidence – Impacts on Reliability and Fairness

27 November 2023

I am a PhD (Law) student at Northumbria University, and as part of my PhD research I am gathering the opinions of criminal solicitors throughout England and Wales on new types of evidence we are beginning to see in Magistrate courts. These opinions are collected in the form of an anonymous 5-10 minute online questionnaire, which has passed Northumbria’s ethical approval procedure. No experiencing dealing with this evidence is necessary, and all views are valuable.

I would be greatly appreciative if you could share the following link with some of your criminal solicitors, so that if they are interested in contributing to legal research then they are able to do so. The questionnaire is anonymous, with the option to list an email address for further contact.

The link is:

Thank you

Luke Chambers (He/Him)

PhD Candidate

Faculty of Business & Law