Ministry of Justice Focus Groups – make your voice heard

12 July 2019

As part of the Criminal Legal Aid Review, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is holding a series of focus groups over the summer targeting criminal defence lawyers across England and Wales. The MoJ wants to hear your perspectives and experiences, understand your views on how well legal aid fees cover work done, the sustainability of the payment metrics/proxies currently used, as well as general views and comments on criminal legal aid as a front-line practitioner.

If you are willing to share your views, please express your interest via the following link:

Alternatively, send your expression of interest via email to MoJ researcher, Irina Pehkonen – . Please also contact Irina directly if you have any additional queries about these focus groups.

This is an important opportunity to engage directly with the MoJ and make your perspectives heard. Please forward this to other colleagues who may be interested in sharing their views.