The CBA Ballot

The Ballot is open to all members of the Criminal Bar, regardless as to whether you are a member of the CBA or in chambers. Therefore any barristers that are attached to firms have the opportunity to respond to the ballot on whether to accept the deal offered by the MOJ or continue with the action.

Details of the offer are set out below. 

Please contact the CBA for details as to how to vote
The Ballot closes on Monday 11 June at 12.00 noon

It is regrettable that although all Higher Court Advocates, whether solicitor or barrister are impacted by whatever is achieved from these talks, there is no opportunity to have any input. No one has asked the Law society for their views and it is our view that their can be no change to the scheme without their agreement as a statutory consultee.
We have of course written directly to the CBA chair and the MOJ; and the Law society has written to the Lord Chancellor in regards to this.
Here are the finer details of the deal:-

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