Representation Order refusals or delays based on failed IOJ and Means tests

CLSA members continue to report Representation Order refusals/delays based on failed IOJ and Means tests. The time taken by members to resolve these failed applications is unacceptable and adds to the burden that practitioners face on a daily basis.

We have raised this directly with the LAA and they have suggested that we provide examples of where this is taking place, as they are not convinced this is a widespread problem.

In order to respond effectively, we would like to collate this information from CLSA members and then ask the LAA to respond constructively.

We have set up 2 email addresses for specific responses, but we should be grateful if you ensure that any information relating to the identity of the client is omitted from any response.  In particular, we would like to know the relevant dates, the nature of the problem – ie. unreasonable IOJ refusal, the Court dealing with the matter and ultimately how the issue was resolved, if at all.

The specific emails to respond to are as follows:-

We would like to submit our response to the LAA within the next fortnight, so please can you provide any examples as soon as possible. We appreciate this is yet more time given over to bureaucracy, but we need to demonstrate this is a problem for our members and that it needs addressing immediately.

Michael Gray, CLSA committee member

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