News of further survey

Within the next few days , the CLSA together with its sister organisation the LCCSA  and also the CBA will launch a week long survey to collate information regarding issues over disclosure .

All members of the profession  and indeed the Judiciary and Magistracy (if they so wish ) are invited to contribute .

This survey follows on from the CLSA survey on disclosure issues launched in August 2017 and recently widely reported .

Since that survey , disclosure issues have now made national headlines in the media .

We will have heard the announcement this weekend that there is to be a wholescale review of all current rape cases . However , we in the profession know only too well that the disclosure problems are by no means limited to just a handful of rape cases, but extend across the whole criminal justice system , from the investigation process in the Police station at one end of the scale to the paper heavy cases in the Crown court at the other .

The Justice Select Committee has announced that in the near future it will once again question the DPP over the recent problems .

We are hopeful that this survey will show that the problem is both widespread and indeed endemic.

Accordingly , your participation in the survey will be greatly appreciated and please await further news.

Bill Waddington, Chair CLSA

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