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All CLSA Members receive a free CLSA ID Card (usually £45) with their membership 

Full membership application form - (To submit the form by email you must download and save the forms to your desktop and have Adobe Reader or above . You can dowload Adobe Reader here for free)

Firm membership application form - (To submit the form by email you must download and save the forms to your desktop and have Adobe Reader or above . You can dowload Adobe Reader here for free)

Associate membership application form

CLSA ID Card application form 

CLSA Constitution

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Thinking of joining the CLSA? This may help.

The Criminal Law Solicitors Association was formed in 1990 with the stated intention of being a representative body for criminal law solicitors across England and Wales. It was formed to complement our sister organisation, the LCCSA. The organisation grew rapidly and has achieved its highest public profile during contract disputes, including the recent Two Tier debacle.

A huge amount of unseen work is done by committee members. The more members the association has then the greater the influence it can have on policy and the future direction of the criminal justice system.

We would like every criminal law solicitor to be a member of the association and just some of the benefits are summarised below:-

  • Your representative body when times are tough- the so-called ‘two tier’ contracts were divisive and unpopular with the majority of the profession. The CLSA had concerns at the design and implementation of the contracts and challenged them in the High Court. Ultimately, they were abandoned. Those with longer memories may recall the CLSA being at the forefront of fighting and gaining better terms for the 2001 general criminal contract. It is at times like these that the CLSA, with its dedicated committee, comes to the fore in the fight on behalf of practitioners and where strength of membership is at its most important.
  • Consultations- It seems no Government can resist extensive legislative change to the criminal justice system. Every significant change is pre-empted by a consultation document. Members may not find they have time to respond to every consultation but the CLSA does. An example was the recent response by the CLSA to the consultation on credit for guilty plea cases which you can read here.
  • Consultative body memberships- CLSA committee members take part in the Criminal Contract Consultation Group, the National Practitioners Digital Working Group Committee, and the Criminal Justice Council. We put forward the case for Criminal Defence Practitioners at every stage.  
  • Influencing the decision makers – we have good links with the MOJ and Chair and Vice Chairs have met with recent Lord Chancellors to put the case directly for Criminal Defence Solicitors. We meet regularly with senior MOJ officials. We do not claim the system is perfect, far from it, but do say that it would be worse without the influence that we have had.  
  • E Group- there is a vibrant CLSA email group that has for many years been a sounding board for members and a way of getting quick advice on legal or procedural points from a fellow criminal defence expert. It is rare that someone on the group has not come across an issue that you may be wrestling with.
  • E Alerts- the CLSA will regularly send by E Alerts significant updates and issues affecting criminal practitioners.
  • Conference- membership brings a discounted price for the conference which usually carries five CPD and is an entertaining and informative day.
  • Member database - the CLSA is upgrading its website and member database to allow members of the public and fellow professionals to find a criminal defence expert in their area. We are collecting more data from our members so that anyone searching can quickly find the right lawyer in their area. If you are not in the database then you won’t be found.

The above are just some of the member benefits for a modest sum of £100 per year. Please join now and urge colleagues to join. To join, please click here


Membership Levels

Membership is on an individual basis and there are currently 2 levels of membership

Full Membership is open to any enrolled and practising solicitor of the Supreme Court involved with, or interested in the practice of criminal law – prosecution or defence.  Full membership is on an individual basis

Associate Membership is open to any person, in the permanent employment of a firm of solicitors and engaged in or interested in the practice of criminal law.  Applicants must be proposed and seconded by at least two full members of the Association.  Associate members are entitled to attend all general meetings of the Association but are not entitled to vote.  Associate membership is on an individual basis.

Application Forms

CLSA ID Card Application form - free to CLSA members

Full membership application form

(To submit the application form by email you must download and save the forms to your desktop and have Adobe Reader or above. You can dowload Adobe Reader here for free) The Direct Debit must be printed, signed and sent by post or DX as the bank requires an original signature

Associate membership application form - the form will need to be printed and submitted by post or DX


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