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Many of you will know the work carried out by the CLSA in lobbying the government on behalf of the profession. As the nation struggles to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic it is as important as ever that the rule of law and the Criminal Justice System continues to operate. These are challenging times and the system is under strain unlike any pressure it has faced before. The CLSA have been at the forefront of the CJS response and were one of the first to raise concerns about the safe operation of police stations, prisons and courts, and together with the LCCSA we published a joint protocol on how to help minimise the risk. Since then we have been part of negotiating and agreeing a National Police Chiefs Council, CLSA, LCCSA, CPS and Law Society protocol to allow for the risk to the brave lawyers out there on the front line to be minimised whilst still providing access to legal advice. We continue to meet and engage with the government and pressure them to do more to help our ailing profession. There is much still to do. To date the vast majority of the government’s measures offer little if anything to legal aid firms, and the Legal Aid Agency’s response remains underwhelming. We continue to fight for you all and there has never been a better time to join and stay updated and have a say in how we see through this  crisis and shape the future of Legal Aid and the Justice System.

In recognition of the difficult financial situation many find themselves in, and for a limited time, we are offering free membership until September 2020. This offer is only open to those who are not already members (but does include past members whose membership has lapsed). We will however be making announcements shortly on additional offers for our existing membership so that they do not miss out and are working on a number of extra benefits for members including a Court ID card, a new website our annual conference and so much more.

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