CLSA Press Release 29 March 2018 - CBA Announcement

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The CLSA notes that the members of the Criminal Bar Association have overwhelmingly voted to act to help fix our broken Criminal Justice System, neglected by successive governments of all political persuasions and now on the verge of total collapse.

On Monday the CLSA, CBA and LCCSA launched a Charter4Justice seeking guarantees of a proper level of investment in and support for the proper administration of the Criminal justice system to provide the public with the Criminal Justice System it deserves.

Matters have deteriorated since the damning 2016 Public Accounts Committee report and recent high-profile cases involving systemic failures are a symptom of a system wholly underfunded to the point of breaking. This includes not only the Independent Bar and defence solicitors, but also the police, CPS, probation and prison services. Until proper reform and investment is made into the system neither those working in it nor the public can have any confidence that justice will be done.

Against that background the CLSA is not surprised to hear that our colleagues at the Bar have decided they can take no more and that action must be taken to bring about essential change. The CLSA and its members support the Bar entirely in its stance and urge the government to engage with those working in the system to save our precious Criminal Justice System.

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