Oxford Economics report suggests cuts to Criminal Legal Aid unnecessary

Research published today by Oxford Economics and jointly financed by a number of groups, including the CLSA, suggests that even without any further cuts to Solicitors’ Legal Aid fees the Criminal Legal Aid Bill may fall by up to £84m per annum.

Bill Waddington, Chairman of the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association, said:

“We believe this research vindicates what has been said by the CLSA for many months, namely that the full impact of the cuts already imposed have yet to work through the system and due to continuing falling volumes the MOJ has no need at all for any cuts. They can now simply sit back and watch the legal aid spend fall as we predicted it would.

“What a great shame that all this time, energy and money has been spent over 12 months to show that what we predicted is indeed correct. There are lessons to be learnt from this.”

For a link to the paper click here

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