Joint CLSA and LCCSA Statement Friday 21 August 2015

For 52 days Solicitors and Barristers across the country have stood firm against the second cut. In recent weeks, the leaders of the Practitioner Groups have had the opportunity to engage with the MoJ and by so doing, have been able to provide ideas for long terms savings as a direct alternative to a cut in rates.  Although no offer to settle the issue has yet been made , as a gesture of goodwill and recognising the importance of this engagement we firmly believe that the time is right to suspend the action with immediate effect.  By doing so we hope the relationship which has now been established will continue into the future .There are many challenges ahead and the engagement to date is a sign that those challenges can be debated constructively in a receptive atmosphere. 

We recognise that this has been a very difficult time for those participating in the action and we are grateful to those who have stood firm in support of their principles 

We also thank the CBA for their involvement in this action and in doing so recognise the immense sacrifice made by many on both sides of the profession .

We have surveyed our members over the course of 72 hours and the mandate is to suspend action.  We look forward to a continuing open dialogue with the government and will keep our members appraised.


Bill Waddington CLSA


Jon Black LCCSA

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