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Terms and Conditions 

Publications on the CLSA eGroup are generally not edited, monitored, sanctioned, approved or screened in advance of publication. The CLSA does not accept liability for any publication by individual contributors to this site. Indemnity will be actively sought against any contributor whose conduct results in any legal liability being sought or established against the CLSA, including the costs of defending or avoiding any legal action. Any contributor to this site must at all times guard against publications likely to result in legal action for misleading, untrue or defamatory statements and must advise the CLSA Chair immediately of any legal action threatened or taken by any person in respect of any such publication. The distribution off site of any publication from this site without the express permission of the CLSA is not permitted and may in itself lead to legal action. The CLSA reserve the right to remove any person or organization from this site without prior notice


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