Consultation Papers & Responses

The Department of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Services Commission regularly issue consultation papers on the furture of Legal Aid and Criminal Practice and the CLSA is invited to respond to these papers on behalf of its members. The CLSA does respond to these papers either in its own right or jointly with the Law Society and the LCCSA.

Consultation paper responses are posted below

CLSA Response to Assuring Advocacy Standards Consultations -response 13 November 2019

CLSA respone to the AGFS Consultation - response 12 October 2018

CLSA response to Arson and criminal damage consultation - 26 June 2018

CLSA response to HMCTS Strategy Approach Consultation - response 29 March 2018

CLSA Response to the Terrorism Guideline Consultation - reponse 22 November 2017

CLSA Response to Manslaughter Draft Guideline Consultation - response 10 October 2017

CLSA response to the Child Cruelty Consulation - response 13 September 2017

CLSA response to the Litigators' Graduated Fees Scheme & Court Appointees - response 24 March 2017

CLSA response to Reforming the Advocates’ Graduated Fee Scheme - response 2nd March 2017

CLSA Response to Driving offences and penalties relating to causing death or serious injury -  response 1st February 2017

CLSA Response to Breach Offences Guideline Consultation - reponse 25th January 2017

CLSA response to SRA consultation A New Route to Qualification -  The Solicitors Qualifying Examination - response 9th January 2017

CLSA response to Draft Guideline Bladed Articles and Offensive Weapons Guideline - response 6th January 2017

CLSA response to Transforming our Justice System - response date 27 October 2016

CLSA reponse to Looking To The Future Flexibility And Public Protection - response date 21 September 2016

CLSA response to the consulation on Sentencing of youths draft guideline  - response 3rd August 2016

CLSA response to the consultation on Reduction in sentence for an early guilty plea Part 1 - response 5th May 2016

CLSA response to Invitation to comment on proposed live links etc rules November 2015 - response by Friday 26 February 2016

CLSA response to the SRA Consultation Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates - response 24th December 2015

CLSA response to Proposal on the provision of court and tribunal estate in England and Wales - response 8th October 2015

CLSA response SC Allocation draft guidelines - 31 July 2015 

CLSA Response to Speaking to Witnesses at Court Draft CPS Guidance for Consultation  - response 16 March 2015

Robbery Guideline Consultation - response 23 January 2015

Revision of the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 Code of Practice consultation paper - repsonse 7 November 2014

Transforming Legal Aid Crime Duty Contracts Consultation - response 15 October 2014 

CLSA Response to Domestic Violence Guidance Consultation - 9 July 2014 

 CLSA Responses to the Sentencing Guidelines Council Consultation on Theft Offences - 26 June 2014

CLSA response to Out of Court Disposals - 9 January 2014 

CLSA response to Transforming Legal - the next steps 10th October 2013 

Transforming Legal Aid Consultation - the next steps - 5 September 2013 to 18 October 2013

CLSA response to Transforming Legal Aid 4th June 2013

Transforming Legal Aid Consultation - 9 April 2013 to 4th June 2013

Crown Court Means Testing - CLSA response 11 December 2012

Fourth consultation paper on the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (Crime) - CLSA response 9th October 2012

Labour Party Justice Policy Working Group Punishment and Reform: What Works To Protect the Public and Stop Crime? - CLSA response 13 December

JAG consultation on regulatory changes to support the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (Crime) - CLSA response 22 September 2011

The CLSA response to EU Directive on right of access to lawyer - CLSA response 11 July 2011

Criminal Procedure Rule Committee -Magistrates' courts preparation for trial form - Comments on use by the CLSA 31st March 2011

Reforming Advocates Graduated Fees Consultation - CLSA response 1st March 2010

VHCC Consultation - CLSA response 8 February 2010

Core Quality Standards - CLSA response 18 January 2010

The Code for Crown Prosecutors - CLSA response 11 January 2010

MOJ Legal Aid: Funding Reforms - CLSA response 12 November 2009

Legal Aid Refocusing on Priority Cases - CLSA response 8th October 2009 legal-aid-refocusing-questionnaire

Crown Court Means testing: Draft Regulations   CLSA response to Consultation Paper CP 11/09 _ CLSA Response 5th October 2009

VHCC - Jim Meyer of the LCCSA and Rodney Warren of the CLSA have been working together with The Law Society on the future of VHCC. Both have played an integral part in discussions with the LSC, MOJ and Bar Council. The CLSA's response has been drafted by Jim Meyer and adopted by the CLSA as part of the joint working of the two representative bodies

The Award of Costs from Central Funds in Criminal Cases CLSA Response 29 January 2009

MOJ Crown Court means testing Consultation CLSA Response 29 January 2009

Review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 CLSA Response 28 November 2008

Overarching Principles: Seriousness and New Sentences: Criminal Justice Act 2003 CLSA Response 28 October 2008

Standard for Solicitor Higher Courts Advocates

Managing Legal Aid cases in partnership - delivery transformation

Best Value Tendering CLSA Response 26 February 2008

Modernising Police Powers - Review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 CLSA Response 31 May 2007

Duty Solicitor Call Centre and CDS Direct Expansion CLSA Response 1 May 2007

Market Stability Measures - amendments to proposals for the allocation of Duty Solicitor Slots CLSA Response 24 January 2007

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