14 Hour Requirement

The CLSA has received some reports that are extremely concerning in relation to the interpretation of the 14 hour requirement in the new contract by contact managers.

The issue has been raised with the LAA on an urgent basis and we have a number of individual cases to take up on behalf of our members.

It is of concern that some contract managers are taking an entirely draconian and unreasonable approach in relation to the audits and that genuine duty solicitors and firms are being affected in a manner that was never intended.  The requirement was put to all of the representative bodies by the LAA on the basis that it provided a link between the individual duty solicitor and the firm receiving the benefit of the duty slot in the same way that there was an expectation under previous contracts that duty solicitors would be employed for a minimum of two days a week by the host firm.

There have been many unhelpful conclusions drawn about the origin of the rule with unpleasant comments having been directed unnecessarily towards individuals.  The CLSA has always worked extremely hard in representing our member’s interests and now is no exception.  If our members feel that they have been unfairly affected then we urge you to get in touch.

Please email us on with '14 hour requirement' in the subject line

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